Hi my name is Krista and I have been breeding rabbits for a little over three years now.  I am a small rabbitry located in College Station Tx. I raise and sell show quality and pet quality double maned Lionheads. I came across the Lionhead breed when I was researching about bunnies and instantly fell in love! Since I am a very small rabbitry, I handle and groom my bunnies daily. My bunnies also go in my outdoor bunny runs when the weather is permitting. Socialization is extremely important to us, whether our rabbits are pets or show. Our rabbitry is a closed rabbitry, which means we do not allow visitors for the safety of my rabbits and my family. If you have any questions at all about bunnies feel free to send me a email or text! 

My Rabbitry

Find us on Instagram at LoveyLouGram!