Sales Policy

For the safety of my family and my rabbits I am a closed rabbitry. My rabbits are very precious to me, therefore I have the right to cancel a sale at any time. I guarantee the health of the bunny the day of sale. If the bunny gets sick within three days of purchasing then you may bring it back and either get a new bunny to replace it or get a refund. When purchasing your bunny it will come with a small bag of hay and food. I can not guarantee the personality of your bunny.  It is up to the buyer to check and make sure I have the gender correct (everybody makes mistakes) .Rabbits are not a animal that should be purchased on impulse. I highly recommend to do some research by either reading books/articles online, movies,or emailing and asking me any questions before and after the sale is finalized. No questions are too silly or absurd. Feel free to ask me questions at any time! I also love hearing about the bunnies I sell! I also love to see pictures of them in their new home!